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Dear Potential Puppy Owner, 

Bringing a new puppy home is not like purchasing a TV. You can not go out and just buy one and expect they all will be consistently the same. Each puppy is different from the next. To us there is not really such a thing as a bad tempered dog, only a dog not placed into the right home for its temperament. Most of a dogs temperament is genetic, thus going to a preservation breeder, who breeds for certain traits for a long period of time and then tests and matches the pups to each new home, is the very best way to attain a puppy.

We take placing of our pups very seriously. We aim for each on to have a perfect FOREVER home where they live life to the fullest and with owners who always strive to enrich their lives. If you think that you might want to be part of our family please take the time to review the <Puppy Information Page> PRIOR to contacting us for a puppy. If you do not have the time to carefully review the Puppy Information page in full, then you definitely do not have the time for a Bellaclan Border Collie! Our ideal home for a puppy is one who plans well in advanced of the pups arrival giving themselves ample time to properly prepare, versus homes who don't care about where a pup is from and just want a puppy immediately, but don't really give themselves ample time to truly learn the most current training, rearing, and vaccination methods. Please contact me well in advanced of when you want a ready to patiently wait! We want our pups to be in forever homes with individuals who have taken the time to educate themselves properly. Over these past 20 years we have found that the homes willing to be patient and learn in advanced, end up being the better homes for our dogs!

We do not overbreed our girls and want to give each litter enough training, attention, and socialization; we do NOT have pups on the ground all year long. We always have a long list of about 15+ approved homes for our puppies before they are even born. The wait time really varies between 0 to 6 months and it is very hard to predict. The rare time that we happen to have a dog or pup available "right now", it will be posted below, publicly. If you are on our waiting list you are more than welcome to call or text me for an update in regards to who is in whelp. We will share xray and ultrasound images as they become available. PLEASE realize that bitches (female dogs) only come into season/heat once every 6-9 months and we do not breed them every single time. Often when they live together they cycle together so we often have most litters born around the same time, in January and July, and ready to go home two months later.

Once we have a filled out application we will schedule a phone and/or zoom call to get to know you better!



STEP 3: Review our pet prospect <CONTRACT>

STEP 4: Fill out an <APPLICATION>



Please note that we already have a long waiting lists so space is limited. We are only taking serious applications from serious homes who are ready and have someone home full time pre and post covid. We require a fully fenced back yard, or otherwise, large acreage with few neighbours. Homes who have past experience in dogs or want to extensively train and possibly compete in dog sports and activities, are given a slight preference as they clearly will ensure the dog receive adequate mental stimulation as they have proven in the past. We frequently have co-breeders or litters bred by friends that we can direct you too if we do not have availability.


Joey X Reigna *1M, 1F Available* 4F, 3M BORN: July 14, 2021


Jackson X Sasha *Fill out application* 4F, 3M BORN: August 4, 2021

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